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We offer a variety of new office chairs depending on your needs, style, and preferences. We ensure that ergonomically the chairs fit each person properly to support the back, help with productivity, and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Together, we will discuss the purpose for your chair(s), whether they will be placedbehind a desk, used for guest seating, conference seating, or lobby seating. We will learn about the look/aesthetics that you seek, from color to chair style, and also determine your price point. We can suggest from many major suppliers of chairs to give you a variety of options to consider. "Don't sit on a chair, sit in a chair."



Contact Discount Office Equipment for new chairs at 248 548.6900

Contact our Used/Clearance Center at 248 548.6904



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*Catalogs may show list prices. Contact a salesman for your price.


Main Showroom
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Used/Clearance Center
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