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To better organize your cubicles and provide additional features to your employees, some of our new cubicles may include additional technology. Built-in outlets, USB ports, HDMI connections, and more can hide underneath or inside of the cubicles. Also, decluttering your desk space is easier than ever with computer and tablet mounts. Elevating your monitors away from the desk surface helps your cubicle to look less messy and more professional. You may also want to adjust the height of your screens using elevating mounts for employees who prefer to stand while they work.

Regardless of your office preference, Discount Office Equipment has something to fit everyone’s office furniture needs. We work with incredible manufacturers to bring our clients sleek, stylish cubicles perfectly fit with their company’s brand. Stop into our new showroom in Berkley, MI or contact us today at (248) 548-6900 and ask us about outfitting your office with new cubicles.

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