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4 Types of Office Equipment to Encourage Standing


Spending each day sitting in the same chair and having the same posture can be tolling on the back muscles, spine, and neck. Standing while working for part of the day is a great way to stretch muscles, relax different parts of the body, and allow employees to feel energized.

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Create a Co-working Space With Discount Furniture


After going through many business ideas, you may have settled on creating a co-working space. You have an exciting opportunity to set up an open office space where people working on all sorts of projects and in various industries can work in the same area. Some people may rent their own desk every weekday while others come in only on occasion.

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Three Commonly Asked Questions About Ergonomic Office Chairs


If you work from home, then having a dedicated workspace is important for productivity and convenience. This workspace may be a separate study or office, or it may just be a small area in your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Wherever your workspace is located, having a good setup is important.

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