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Discount Office Equipment
1991 Coolidge Highway
Berkley, MI 48072
Phone: 248-548-6900
Fax: 248-548-6905
Used/Clearance Center
12780 Northend Ave.
Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: 248-548-6904
Fax: 248-548-6905

Trade and Sell Your Furniture in the Detroit Metro Area

Contact Jeff Merzin at our used/clearance furniture showroom in Oak Park if you are interested in selling your used/previously owned furniture. You can share the type of furniture you want to sell, the quantity of items, their age, condition, manufacturer(s), and the date that they are available for purchase. We then will make you an offer. 

Trade-Ins, Cash-And-Carry, and Full-Service Delivery

After you browse around and let the furniture beckon you, we can discuss which particular pieces that you want. We do take trade-ins, where you trade in your old towards purchasing furniture from us.
Benefit from Discount Office Equipment’s cash-and-carry discount when you pick up your furniture after purchase. Otherwise, anticipate full-service furniture delivery and set up by our four drivers who operate our company trucks. Should you seek both new and used office furniture, we can coordinate and deliver the individual pieces between our two store locations. 
Contact Discount Office at 248-548-6904 for used/clearance furniture!